5th Box - English Flashcards

   5th Box (Fifth Box) is an flashcard application for reviewing vocabulary based on Leitner System and SRS (Space Repetition System).

   It automatically manages revision of your learning, so that you concentrate on words that are difficult to remember, and don't waste time reviewing words that you know very well.

   5th Box app will remind words before you would forget it and makes sure that it stays constantly fresh in your mind. So that you will never forget it again.

   1. Create and Import ready made cards.
      - Create your own flashcards in the app, support photo, audio and Text-to-Speech. (Free version 300 cards limit)
      - Import ready made flashcards from 5thbox.org and Quizlet.

   2. Study Mode.
      - Study flashcards mode.
      - Study spelling mode.
      - SRS+ and Leitner System Algorithm.
      - User friendly interface.
      - Remind words before you would forget it.

   3. More features
      - Support multiple folders and decks.
      - Share cards via Email, AirDrop, Message and Wi-Fi.
      - Support study offline.

   Who should be use this app.
      - Student use for learning vocabulary, SAT, GRE, TOFLE, etc
      - Teacher use to create flashcards and share to all students.
      - Parent use for kids to learn sight word.
      - Using for learning language.